Two process methods for brightening the appearance of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-01
Everyone knows that the appearance of industrial aluminum profile profile is very beautiful, and it is resistant to dirt, and it is very easy to clean once it is coated with oil. In fact, the appearance of industrial aluminum profiles was not like this at the beginning. It only became beautiful after a certain technical treatment. In addition to using the oldest alkaline etching process, aluminum profile manufacturers would like to introduce you to two other types of industrial aluminum profile. The process method to make the profile beautiful.  1. Polishing process: It consists of degreasing, washing, polishing, and washing. After degreasing, the profile is placed in the polishing tank. After 2-5 minutes of polishing, a mirror surface can be formed, and it can be directly oxidized after washing. The core process of the process is polishing, and the grain removal and mirror surface are all completed in the polishing groove. Polishing has the advantages of low aluminum consumption and bright profiles, but the escape of NOx from the polishing tank causes serious environmental pollution and physical injury to operators. At the same time, factors such as expensive chemical raw material costs also restrict the promotion of this process. 2. Acid etching process: It consists of degreasing water washing, acid etching water washing, alkali etching water washing, light washing, water washing and oxidation. After degreasing, the profile is first etched by acid, then etched by alkali, and then the pre-treatment is completed. The core process of the process is acid etching, and the removal of mechanical lines and sanding are all determined by acid etching. Different from alkaline etching, the biggest advantages of acid etching are the ability to remove mechanical lines, fast sanding, and low aluminum consumption. Generally, it can be completed in 3-5 minutes, and the aluminum consumption is almost 1/8-1/6 of that of alkaline etching. From the perspective of work efficiency and resource conservation, acid etching is undoubtedly a major advancement in alkaline etching technology. However, the environmental protection problems of acid etching are more prominent: the toxic gas HF escapes from the acid tank and the pollution of the washing tank Fˉ. Fluoride is generally highly toxic, making it more difficult to handle. In addition, after the acid etching treatment, the appearance of the profile is black and dark. Although the alkali etching and light emission have to be continued, it can be brightened, but it is still very dark, which not only increases the process but also loses the gloss.   The above two methods may not be the best. If you have a better method, please call:, we will adopt it humbly.
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