Types and functions of industrial aluminum safety fence

by:Zeyi     2021-04-26
Sometimes safety fences will choose industrial aluminum profile as raw materials. safety fences are used to divide the safe areas of industrial production lines and are the first line of defense to protect the safety of production workers. They are mainly used in workshop production, machinery production and various A variety of assembly production lines, etc., different aluminum profile fences are suitable for different industrial environments. Next, we will start to understand the three aspects of the type, function and scope of application of industrial aluminum fence.     1. Types of fences      First, industrial aluminum safety fences can be divided into two categories: plexiglass protective fences and mesh fences. In different scenarios, you need to choose fences of different materials. The most commonly used is mesh fence, which is almost universally used in most production environments. 2. The function of the fence The main function of the industrial aluminum safety fence is:     ①The dustproof function of mechanical equipment, prevents dust or slag from entering the machine, keeps the surface of the equipment clean and hygienic, ensures the quality of product production, and prolongs the service life of the machine ;    ②Used to divide the safe area, separate the man and machine, remind the passing personnel to pay attention to safety, and ensure that the machine will not accidentally injure the staff when the machine is running at high speed; it can also protect the machine from external interference and damage; The electronic equipment must be protected by a protective cover, which can prevent the entry of dust and ensure the service life of the equipment; it can also protect the electronic equipment from external interference during the production process, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency. ④ Protect the equipment safety of the lifting platform. In order to save space in large production workshops, it is often necessary to use the lifting platform for product transportation. In order to prevent the lifting platform from falling during the operation of the lifting platform, resulting in waste and personal safety risks, safety protective fences must be used;      3. The application range of the fences is based on the needs of different product production lines. Different types of industrial aluminum profile fences are selected. For example, the welding workshop of automobile production should use plexiglass protective cover when using robot welding. , In order to prevent the electric sparks generated by welding from being sprayed around, causing pollution to the surrounding environment, and obstructing the sight of other operators; large lifting platforms can be protected by mesh fences; robots in the assembly workshop are working to prevent manipulators from moving back and forth Injury to personnel, you can use mesh fences to separate the safe area; machinery with loud noises can be enclosed by aluminum or stainless steel shields to reduce the noise pollution of the surrounding environment when the equipment is working. Different companies can also choose suitable industrial aluminum safety fences according to their own production conditions. Different types of fences have differences in production costs, product types and environmental requirements. Users can consult industrial aluminum profile manufacturers in detail. , In order to give pertinent suggestions. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it. Recommendation: Classification and use of industrial aluminum
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