Types and specifications of aluminum extrusion profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-07
According to statistics, the current annual consumption of aluminum profiles in the world is more than 15 million tons, and the specifications and categories of aluminum profiles can reach more than 100,000. The scientific and reasonable classification of aluminum profiles is conducive to the scientific and reasonable selection of production processes and equipment. Design and manufacture tools and molds and quickly deal with professional technical issues and production management issues in the extrusion workshop.  Aluminum profiles are classified according to their use and characteristics. Aluminum profiles can be divided into general profiles and special profiles. Special profiles can be divided into:    (1). Aerospace profiles: such as integral ribbed wall panels, I-beams, wing beams, comb-shaped aluminum profiles, hollow beam aluminum profiles, etc., mainly used for aircraft and spacecraft Forced structural components of aerospace aircraft, as well as special-shaped hollow rotor beams and airstrips of helicopters.  (2). Aluminum profiles for vehicles: mainly used as the overall shape, important stress parts and decorative parts of high-speed trains, subway trains, light rail trains, double-decker passenger cars, luxury buses, and trucks. (3) Aluminum profiles for ships and weapons: Mainly used as superstructures and decks, partitions, floors, tanks, armored vehicles, troop carriers, etc., and important force Components, shells of rockets and medium- and long-range missiles, shells of torpedoes and mines, etc.   (4), aluminum profiles for electronic appliances, household appliances, post and telecommunications, and air-conditioning radiators: mainly used as housings, heat dissipation components, etc. (5) Industrial aluminum profiles for power and energy industries such as petroleum, coal, electric power, and machinery manufacturing; mainly used as pipelines, brackets, mine cart frames, power transmission grids, motor housings and stressed parts of various machines, etc., in recent years Various aluminum industrial profiles for nuclear power, hydropower, wind energy and solar energy have been developed.  (6) Aluminum profiles for transportation, containers, reefer containers and highway bridges: mainly used for containers, springboards, container frames, frozen aluminum profiles and car panels, etc. (7) Aluminum profiles for civil construction and agricultural machinery: such as aluminum profiles for doors and windows of civil buildings, decorative parts, fences, and aluminum profiles for large building structures, aluminum profiles for large curtain walls, and parts of agricultural sprinkler irrigation equipment, modern urban buildings and other infrastructure and bridges Use large and medium-sized aluminum profiles.
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