Zero-formaldehyde all-aluminum home, did you know?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-02
Everyone is familiar with aluminum alloy doors and windows, but when it comes to aluminum furniture, life is still rare. With the popularization of environmental protection awareness and technological progress in our country, many industries are gradually transforming to green, but the construction and home furnishing industry has always been made of traditional wood, and even the furniture we usually contact with is mostly made of man-made panels. These materials are not only Trees are wasted, and more importantly, the pollution of the air environment and the harm to the human body caused by the chemical components added in the material cannot be avoided. Because aluminum alloy materials are easy to process, easy to recycle, and have no pollution and no waste, they are more and more popular. Compared with other materials, all-aluminum furniture has high technology content, low resource consumption, and less environmental pollution. Realized the green transformation of the furniture industry. Example: Aluminum alloy furniture is very popular because of its environmental protection, good plasticity, beautiful appearance, and relatively cheap price.  The main features of all-aluminum home furnishings:   1. Environmentally friendly materials:   Aluminum alloy cabinets use aluminum alloy profile structure, absolutely zero formaldehyde, all materials that can be recycled and reused at an insured price.  二. Waterproof    aluminum alloy cabinets are made of all aluminum alloy profiles. They are not afraid of water or moisture. They can be washed directly with water and cleaned and will never rot.  三. Fireproof    Aluminum alloy cabinets have strong heat resistance, and the test shows that they can withstand a temperature difference of 200°C without damage. Even if the whole piece is ignited and placed on it, its surface will not be damaged after a long time of burning, which overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plates that cannot withstand burning.  4. Anti-insect    aluminum alloy cabinets are extremely hard, not afraid of any pests, even termites are helpless.  5. Impact resistance    Aluminum alloy cabinets have strong impact resistance. Experiments have proved that they can withstand the test of 227g steel balls falling from 3m without damage, and the bending strength is 150Mpa. Used under normal conditions, it can last for 50 years.   Six. No odor    Aluminum alloy cabinets are made of aluminum alloy profiles and plastic steel connectors in a clean environment. The products have no odor.   Seven, non-deformation    high-strength aluminum alloy profiles for aluminum alloy cabinets, with a wall thickness of 1.2, no moisture absorption and a small temperature expansion coefficient, so there will be no deformation.  Eight, easy to clean  The aluminum alloy cabinet can be washed with detergent and water, which is easy to clean.   Nine, strong edge sealing    Aluminum alloy cabinets with all-aluminum profile structure will not have the problem of degumming and separation of common panel doors with glue or thermal composite edge sealing.  10, good durability  The aluminum alloy cabinets formed of refined aluminum meet the quality requirements of outdoor curtain walls after deep oxidation, and the surface hardness is more than 10 degrees Webster, ensuring that the product is durable for decades.
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